Thursday, January 26, 2012

Shano's Recluse

Shano hopped down from his perch on the Recluse bar. He slowly worked his way around the pub, watching each visitor drink and clang drinks together. He hopped onto the table closest to where his mother was. She was cleaning the table with a wet rag while the drunken men at the table were whistling at her. Shano tilted his head as one of the men made a grab for her. She quickly dodged his hand and made her way back to the bar, Shano quickly following her.
Autumn placed the tray and mugs on the bar, picking up one of the larger mugs inspecting it for cracks. Shano crouched on the bar watching as a woman’s ponytail flicked back and forth across the bar. He pounced at it, batting at the tip playfully, this made the woman scream. Autumn jumped when she heard the scream and quickly picked him up. She placed him down on the floor and turned to apologize to the lady.
Shano hopped back onto the bar just in time to see a mug fly across the room. He watched as two men began a fist fight in the middle of the room. Autumn sighed and hopped over the bar grabbing both of the two men by the collar. These men were much larger than she but she had no problem pulling them apart, “Take it down the street if you’re going to fight.” She said guiding both of the men towards the door. Shano watched all the patrons gawk at her as she came back without a scratch or even a hair out of place. Autumn walked behind the bar and smiled at Shano “Welcome to a normal day at the Recluse, Shano” in his own way Autumn could of sworn she saw him smile.

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