Thursday, January 12, 2012

Normal Life of a OCD Gilnean

Autumn sat down in her favorite chair with a sigh of relief. She had been cleaning her home for the last few hours. She spent the majority of the time moving furniture and cleaning behind the dressers. She moved everything to a new location, her chairs were now facing the each other on either side of her fireplace and her couch sat in front of it. Autumn does this at least twice a month as an excuse to keep her mind off of her past and her family. She was always content when she was cleaning; it was like her safe haven from the outside world.
Autumn smiled as she relaxed, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a somewhat rustic looking pocket watch that Jach had given her a short time after she started working at the Blue Recluse. She didn’t want to keep it…mostly because it was haunted with one of the numerous ghosts that haunt the Blue Recluse though she couldn’t throw it away.  It was the best pocket watch she had ever owned and it always kept time. Not once has she had to wind it so that it would continue to keep time.  It always seemed to enjoy floating from her pocket and hover above her head before falling down onto the floor, it turned out to be rather amusing at times.
She looked at the time on the watch and her eyes widened. “Oh no, I was supposed to clean the Recluse an hour ago!” she shouted to herself. She quickly grabbed her work shirt and ran out the door, her hair looking as though a rabid gnoll had a tantrum in it. She quickly put her work shirt, a blue shirt with a black jacket embroidered in gold lace, and hopped onto her waiting horse. As she rode to Stormwind she started to remember the past, of how her father taught her to ride and her mother teaching how to be a tailor. She had inherited her mother’s prowess at the needle and had quickly relearned and taught herself new things that she saw along her travels throughout Azeroth.
As she rode into the Mage quarter she wiped a tear from her eye and ran inside. Thankfully no one was there but the usual workers. They were too busy to notice that she had came in with her hair looking like she had just took a dip in the canals and her shirt was buttoned incorrectly. She ran to the kitchen and quickly fixed her shirt and hair before picking up a broom and dust pan. She smiled and set to work cleaning the Recluse. This was a normal day for Autumn, she was happy with this schedule, though usually she was on time.

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