Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Autumn's Memories

Just a small part of Autumn's back-story. I've not written anything on her so I figured I'd start with this. It has more to do with a later story I'll be posting possibly next Tuesday or later this week.
The fire was stocked, its warmth spreading through the home of Autumn Silversage. She sat near a window her hands wrapped around a cup of peacebloom tea. She starred outside her window, she was happy to have found a home outside the city walls, she had a view of a small lake, fish bound from the water, wolves played at the water’s edge. She saw rabbit’s and squirrels, birds and owls, she was always happy when she looked outside her windows.
Of course that happiness comes with a price for her. Every time she looked outside her window for too long, she remembered her life in Gilneas. She remembered being outside with her mother, father and sister. They used to play in the large farm area around Gilneas city; her sister would always want to go swimming in the lake. Autumn’s sister was always one for water and nature, Autumn was more for the Light and the church, however they always were close.
“Autumn! Autumn! Come look! The fish are jumping up from the lake! It looks like they’re waving!” her sister yelled. Autumn smiled as she walked up to her sister and watched as fish jumped up from the water’s surface “You’re right Sis, it does look like they’re waving. I bet they’re waving at you.” Autumn chuckled. “Maybe!” Her sister looked down into the water “Hey Autumn? Do you think I could become….a druid someday?” Autumn blink at her sister when she said this “You want to become a druid? I thought you wanted to become a priest like me?” Her sister looked up at her and smiled “I did! But…well…I was listening to dad talk about grandpa knowing a Druid of the Talon once…and he was telling me all about how they could turn into a cat, a bird, or even a tree! I decided that I would love to become one…do you think I’d be able to do it?” Autumn smiled at her sister “Sis…if you put your mind to it. I’m sure you could become a very famous druid.”
Autumn turned away from her window, tears in her eyes. “Did any of you make it…” she said looking into her cup “…I’ve missed you so much. My new job has kept my mind and memories at bay…but I know that they will return.” She raised her cup up to her lips and took a long sip from the tea she had made. “Father….Mother…Sister….am I the only Silversage to make it out of Gilneas…please…someone…please.”

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