Sunday, January 15, 2012


Autumn sat down in her favorite chair, she sighed in relief as she lifted the cup of hot cocoa to her lips. She looked towards the door and smiled. “Soon…I hope...” Autumn thought “…I hope she’ll come soon.” Then she felt a soft furry paw on her leg, she looked down to see a small fuzzy Panther cub pawing at her ankle. “Hey there Shano, you want up here?” Autumn smiled as the small cub mewed. She smiled and patted her leg; he instantly hopped up into her lap and curled into a warm fluffy fuzz ball on her lap.
She smiled and started to pet Shano. She had recently obtained him from Stranglethorn, about a week ago. She had been helping the Darkspear trolls stop the return of the Zandalari tribe and had to put his mother down as she was corrupted. She went into the cave near the large cat, mostly to find the dwarf that the cat had taken as a chew toy, and saw the small cub pawing at the dwarf’s feet. She felt horrible for the little thing and against her better judgment quickly took it home to take care of it. It had adjusted quickly and became much like a normal house cat…besides the claws and the occasional bird that ends up on her floor when she lets him out at times.
She smiled as she heard the small cub purring. She was in bliss at this particular moment, she took a sip from her cup of cocoa and placed her other hand on the small silver locket around her neck. She smiled as Shano looked up at her and rolled over onto his back in her lap “I’m alright Shano,” she said scratching his stomach “just thinking about my sister, I found out she’s alive. Did I tell you that? I saw Mister Max at the Recluse the other night; we talked for a little while. He showed me his new devilsaur Fury, I was scared a little bit but he was well trained…then…he told me about him meeting Aerwyna in Stormwind.” Her eyes hovered over the mantle where the only picture of her family was. “She’ll hopefully find me soon…though I do hope she’s been well.” She looked at Shano who was now sleeping in her lap. Autumn sighed “I feel like an old cat lady.” 

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