Friday, February 3, 2012

Long Night, part 2.

Autumn blinked at the girl for a good while, her face was buried into Autumn's stomach in a rather tight hug. "Miss? I uh...think you may have the wrong...." then she saw it, a silver locket with golden boar figurehead around her neck "..Wyn!?" Autumn yelled with joy.
Autumn lifted Wyn's face and started to cry "Oh Wyn....I'm so glad you're okay." Wyn smiled at her sister "You didn't think I would let this stuff beat me would ya'?" Autumn chuckled softly "You're so in trouble!" Wyn laughed "Not as much as you will be when Pa get's a hold of us!"
Autumn's face went sorrowful "Wyn...Ma and Pa didn't make it out of Gilneas..." Wyn looked at her sister and blink "But...he said he'd..." Autumn shook her and "Not here Wyn...let's go to my house and talk...I need to tell you a few things." Autumn stood picking Shano up and extending a hand to help Wyn from the ground. "Who's the runt, Sis?" Wyn said, Shano growled at Wyn "Hey now, don't ya' start growlin at me fluff ball." Autumn laughed and started walking towards home, she filled Wyn in on everything during this walk.....everything.

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